Temporary Licence Agreement

The Plan of Management authorises use of the Reserve by commercial (and non-commercial) operators, subject to them having appropriate insurances, paying any necessary fees and entering into a temporary license agreement.  Contact us if you are interested in entering into a temporary license agreement.

A copy of the Temporary Licence Agreement can be supplied for your perusal, refer the Contact Us address to receive a copy via email.











Regeneration Projects



The Dargans Creek Trust members working within the recommendations of the Plan of Management are committed to preserving and rehabilitating the unique features of the reserve. There is a diversity of flora with numerous endangered ecological areas and plants. Unfortunately, some 4WD activity has damaged areas of this sensitive ecology, but with the help of the Local Land Services, The Bush Doctor and Centennial Coal parts of these damaged areas have been rehabilitated.

Further opportunities are being pursued to rehabilitate shrub swamp areas.

Visitors to the reserve are urged to stay on main roads and respect those areas that are under rehabilitation.

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Dargans Creek Reserve Bushfire Management Plan



The plan of management recommends that a bushfire management plan be created to assist in ensuring that the relevant agencies are aware of the priorities with regard to the protection of life and property as well as the upland swamp communities. In addition, it addresses considerations required when planning hazard reduction burns.

The link below details the major considerations and operational guidelines when dealing with the fire management of the reserve.

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The Vision for this Plan of Management is: 
To conserve biodiversity, allow compatible recreational uses and manage sustainable commercial recreation activities, in consultation with various stakeholders and the Department. 

To view the Plan of Management go to the Link Document:




The Dargans Creek Reserve Trust would like to take the opportunity to thank various organisations that have assisted in various ways. With little opportunity to raise revenue, we are reliant on funding from grants and donations.



The Central Tablelands Local Lands Services have funded two rehabilitation projects to date, the focus of these works was to rehabilitate areas within the reserve that had been impacted by 4WD damage. The first project focussed on a track that traversed a hanging swamp area, this area was highlighted in the Plan of Management as a key environmental initiative as these hanging swamps are a recognised endangered ecological community (EEC). Bollards and signs have been erected and the tracks regenerated. The second area entailed the blocking of 4WD access along the power line easement that was causing erosion problems and was upslope from another hanging swamp EEC.



Both of these projects was also assisted by Centennial Coal’s Clarence Colliery who contributed time and materials used as bollards. Clarence Colliery also have assisted with contributions to road maintenance along with Henry Plant Hire.



We also wish to acknowledge and thank ClarkeKann Lawyers (http://www.clarkekann.com.au/) for their assistance with preparing the temporary license agreement.  A lot of effort went into this document and Peter Karcher, a partner at ClarkeKann, did this work on a pro bono basis, making it possible for us to offer temporary licenses to use the Reserve. The temporary licences are granted to commercial (and non-commercial) rock climbing and canyoning operators, subject to them having appropriate insurances, paying any necessary fees and entering into a temporary license agreement.  Organisations such as HighNWild Mountain Adventures (http://www.highandwild.com.au/) have availed themselves to this agreement and in so doing assist the Reserve Trust through the payment of licence fees.